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The Seawoman Returns
14 July 2018

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Photo Art Fun
16 March 2018

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Prayer Flags
8 March 2018

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Heaven on Earth
27 June 2017

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Miner's home
9 August 2013

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Full Moon
23 July 2013

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Train Crossing
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Ronnie 2¢ on Palm with Pants Plus People on Patio
Lilly will love the quote on the wall !

B. Thomas on Seascape Southern Calif. Beach
The water looks so cool and blue.We are at 104º here, heading for 108 so we could use some cool water.

Rick on Seascape Southern Calif. Beach
A lovely sandy expanse indeed.

Existence Artistique on Seascape Southern Calif. Beach

Ronnie 2¢ on Seascape Southern Calif. Beach
Must say that all looks very inviting . .

B. Thomas on The Seawoman Returns
I don't know if you are back home yet or not, but I know you love the ocean, and I'm so glad you got to make ...

Existence Artistique on The Seawoman Returns

Ronnie 2¢ on The Seawoman Returns
. . and there was me thinking you were the little one on the left ! Enjoy.

Existence Artistique on Dancing in the Surf

Ronnie 2¢ on Dancing in the Surf
Ah, good to see you back . . always a good feeling to get one's feet wet !

B. Thomas on Close to The Queen
Lovely. The rain drops were worth it.

B. Thomas on Creekside Summer Office
Very nice scene.

B. Thomas on Valley Ranch Land
Beautiful and cool looking.

Ronnie 2¢ on Close to The Queen
Wet or not, the rain has added to the charm !

omid on I love the Dawn
Lovely dawn!

Hiro on I love the Dawn
very beautiful !

B. Thomas on I love the Dawn

Existence Artistique on I love the Dawn

Ronnie 2¢ on I love the Dawn
Indeed, one of those glorious moments . .

Don on Creekside Summer Office
This makes a neat comination. It does look like a very good place to have a tea party. I liked your menu.

Adela Fonts on Creekside Summer Office
I am a city woman. I have always lived in it. Maybe for this reason I value these green and peaceful places away from ...

Existence Artistique on Creekside Summer Office

Rick on Creekside Summer Office
A wonderful yang to the yin of Winter, with this lush enfoldment of tree joy and dappled sunlight picnic magic vibes ...

Annierita & Annisabelle on Sinclairisaurus
It's just like you imagine it ! Annierita

Annierita & Annisabelle on Valley Ranch Land
Nice place to be, beautiful nature. Annierita

beach on Creekside Summer Office
Looks like an idyllic spot...except for those pesky mosquitoes.

Ronnie 2¢ on Creekside Summer Office
What a sweet moment this carries . . real life is best when it is not complicated.

Rick on Valley Ranch Land
Lovely layers of scenery, Joyce. I'd sit for hours on end, just admiring it all.

Existence Artistique on Valley Ranch Land

beach on Valley Ranch Land
I like the various shades of green in this. The lucky cattle have a wonderful place to graze.

Hiro on Valley Ranch Land
Wonderful view !!

Ronnie 2¢ on Valley Ranch Land
Landscape on a grand scale . .

Hiro on Dinoboysaurus
Enjoy !!

Martine Libouton on Dinoboysaurus
Une très belle prise ! J'aime beaucoup !

grouser on Dinoboysaurus
terrific candid portrait :)

beach on Dinoboysaurus
Ride 'em, cowboy!

Existence Artistique on Dinoboysaurus
bien ce vert

Ronnie 2¢ on Sinclairisaurus
Ah, Time has stood still even longer than I expected there !

Rick on Look at that!!
I love it. The glowering cloud mind has thought of something it didn't like, and you were there to like it with ...

Elaine Hancock on Look at that!!
Those are very ominous clouds rolling in. A great capture!

B. Thomas on Look at that!!
Is this the cloud where my data is stored? ;-)

beach on Look at that!!

Existence Artistique on Look at that!!
c'est du bon travail

Ronnie 2¢ on Look at that!!
Indeed . . there are moments when the weather reminds us who is Boss !

Martine Libouton on Look at that!!
Quel magnifique ciel!

B. Thomas on Oh My God Lightning!
Happy Silly Tuesday a day late. ;-)

Elaine Hancock on Oh My God Lightning!
That is quite a crack! Too funny! Happy ST!

Martine Libouton on Oh My God Lightning!
Hahahaha trop drôle

Rick on Oh My God Lightning!
Very clever, Joyce. Very clever !

beach on Oh My God Lightning!

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