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Snowshine 2 Reclining Nude
23 February 2018

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UFO seen over Emigrant
21 February 2018

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"We have a situation...."
18 February 2018

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Mirror Experiment
25 January 2018

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Saint Nick
23 December 2017

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Ballet 5
15 December 2017

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Heaven on Earth
27 June 2017

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Looking for Love
31 August 2016

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"Smoke signals"
18 June 2016

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Miner's home
9 August 2013

Thumbnail image

Full Moon
23 July 2013

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Train Crossing
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Rick on Snowshine 2 Reclining Nude
Well seen, this voluptuous yet flaky dame !

franz on Snowshine 2 Reclining Nude
There is indeed a likeness ...

Existence Artistique on Snowshine 2 Reclining Nude

franz on Snowshine
What a view! And 'snowshine' is a good word for it ... ;-)

Rick on UFO seen over Emigrant
Joyce, here is some footage I shot a few years ago over lake Ontario where it meets the east side of Toronto... I was ...

B. Thomas on UFO seen over Emigrant
Well, there you go. You could have made the cover with your shot.

Rick on UFO seen over Emigrant
Very cool and interesting timing. The nighttime "show" that Tamara and I witnessed, which I mentioned ...

Existence Artistique on UFO seen over Emigrant

franz on UFO seen over Emigrant
Almost an 'encouter of the third kind' then ... but the other one was in Wyoming, if I remember correctly ... ...

Ronnie 2¢ on UFO seen over Emigrant
Ah, yes. 'They' are out there . . and are likely saying much the same about Us.

Rick on Oh no! #2
The good ole indoor saucer trick, but nicely played, Joyce. Tamara and I enjoyed a stunning one-minute duration ...

omid on Oh no! #2
:)) Amazing result.

B. Thomas on Oh no! #2
If they offer you a ride, don't go!

Existence Artistique on Oh no! #2

franz on Oh no! #2
Wow ... you too ?!? ;-)

Ronnie 2¢ on Oh no! #2
Pretending to be kitchen lights is an old UFO trick . . don't be fooled, Joyce !

Devi on "We have a situation...."
aw ! Heart wrenching !! But thank God she ran away ultimately !! May be the snow healed her foot !! And not to forget ...

Rick on Sunrise over the Absarokees
Yes! My soul is definitively saying Yes ! Sweet light and nuances of hue.

Rick on "We have a situation...."
A very touching tale and with wonderful images, plus that great ending. I was thinking as I read along, this poor ...

franz on "We have a situation...."
What a thrilling and moving story ... and with a happy end, for a change !

Existence Artistique on "We have a situation...."

Ronnie 2¢ on "We have a situation...."
Oh, my, what a tease this is to see and read ! So glad all ended well.

Martine Libouton on "We have a situation...."
Géniale une très belle histoire qui se termine bien

Le Krop on "We have a situation...."
Une belle histoire, si touchante, et qui se termine bien ; merci ! *****

Michael Skorulski on "We have a situation...."
Poor deer.

Hiro on Sunrise over the Absarokees
Beautiful morning !

franz on Sunrise over the Absarokees
Absolutely beautiful and inviting!

Existence Artistique on Sunrise over the Absarokees

Lena on Today we have peace.
Beautiful scenery, nice shot.

B. Thomas on Today we have peace.
Happy Valentine's Day!

franz on Today we have peace.
This looks peaceful alright ... ;-)

Existence Artistique on Today we have peace.

beach on Today we have peace.
Looks like a gorgeous day. The cold never feels so bad when the sun is shining the sky is so blue. I remember that ...

Chetan on Today we have peace.
Beautiful blues!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Today we have peace.
I can feel the stillness here . .

Martine Libouton on Today we have peace.
Très beau paysage hivernal

Elaine Hancock on Oh no!
It looks really cold out there! Hopefully there will be more yesterday weather coming up.

Don on Oh no!
Winter has a mind of its own I think. We are expecting snow tonight. A fine wintry picture.

franz on Oh no!
Excellent capture of the seasonal fight between winter and spring ... ;-)

Existence Artistique on Oh no!

beach on Oh no!
Don't you love those see-saw battles in the weather?

Martine Libouton on Oh no!
J'aime ta photo !

Elaine Hancock on Springish Winter sky
You must have been shocked with the 40 degrees! A beautiful image!

B. Thomas on Springish Winter sky
That must seem like beach weather to you. ;-)

Denny Jump on Springish Winter sky
This is wonderful, Joyce! We are still visiting our son and his family in Vallejo, CA, where the weather is very ...

Adela Fonts on Springish Winter sky
Great shot!

Martine Libouton on Springish Winter sky
Un très beau paysage !

Rick on Springish Winter sky
We need to see that sunshine and those overhead blue notes, for sure... and it sure doesn't hurt to have them ...

beach on Springish Winter sky

Existence Artistique on Springish Winter sky
bien ces nuages

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