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Dear One
9 December 2017

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Deerchaiir Tree
4 December 2017

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The Kitchen Santa
29 November 2017

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Favorite Local Fences.
26 November 2017

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Snowflake Universe
16 November 2017

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Heaven on Earth
27 June 2017

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Looking for Love
31 August 2016

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"Smoke signals"
18 June 2016

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Miner's home
9 August 2013

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Full Moon
23 July 2013

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Train Crossing
28 December 2011

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Focus Found the Little Ones

Rick on Focus Found the Little Ones
Call this a happy accident, then, because it results in something sweet and artistic.

omid on Focus Found the Little Ones
L O V E L Y !!!

Ronnie 2¢ on Focus Found the Little Ones
If you are referring to this pic as 'goofed' by way of the shutter speed, I could not begin to imagine more ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Dear One
What a touching image this makes . . and, yes. it would be nice to think there is a connection to the 'event'.

Elaine Hancock on Dear One
A gorgeous portrait. I love deer too. They are such a peaceful creature.

Aminus3 Discover on Deerchaiir Tree
Thanks for contributing your story to Aminus3 Discover. It has been posted here

Rick on Deerchaiir Tree
Heroic and wonderful of you human beings to help out another Earthling. Empathy is more important than furniture.

Existence Artistique on Deerchaiir Tree

Ronnie 2¢ on Deerchaiir Tree
What an unforgettable experience for everyone . . and, yes, I can imagine how it all got started !

Rick on The Kitchen Santa
He's a great kitchen pal, huh? With a hat like that, we could all rule the world in the most generous and loving ...

Existence Artistique on The Kitchen Santa

Rick on Santa is in my kitchen all year.
Make sure you set him free in time for his big delivery night, Joyce, lest a bajillion young unz wake up to huge ...

Existence Artistique on Santa is in my kitchen all year.
bon travail et recherche

Hiro on Santa is in my kitchen all year.
This is interesting. But, I want to see the unprocessed Santa, too. Could you show us unprocessed Santa ?

Ronnie 2¢ on Favorite Local Fences.
What a fascinating topic . . the zig-zag fence looks like it can be rearranged to suit the occasion.

B. Thomas on Favorite Local Fences.
Love Montana and Wyoming fences. Nice shots.

Rick on Favorite Local Fences.
Now this is a very pleasing collage and a grand idea for theme photography. The view in the most prominent image is one ...

Existence Artistique on Gratitude
génial ce paysage

Martine Libouton on Gratitude
Magnifique ce paysage !

Rick on Gratitude
Your beautiful image is perfectly titled. To be able to see something of this spiritual power and awe during a walk ...

omid on Gratitude
such beautiful composition, clouds, colors & lights! Amazing sky!

Ronnie 2¢ on Gratitude
What a glorious expanse . . a reminder of just how small we are in the order of 'Things'.

Rick on Chewbakka Johnson
A face that will not be denied love and protective friendship!

Existence Artistique on Chewbakka Johnson

Martine Libouton on Chewbakka Johnson
Il est trop beau ! j'aime

Hiro on Chewbakka Johnson
He looks so friendly !

Elaine Hancock on I C I C L E art.
Looks like you got more snow and now icicles! It looks really cold!

Joyce on I C I C L E art.
This reminds me of Dr. Zeuse. Be fun to be able to talk like that all the time.

Rick on I C I C L E art.
Ha ha ha... I have to admit, I thawed you might come up with a good pun like that !

Rick on I C I C L E art.
"Tis a weapon! A water fang! A bridge from one precipitation dimension to another! Stay safely clear of it when ...

Existence Artistique on I C I C L E art.
bien glacée

Hiro on I C I C L E art.
very nice !

Martine Libouton on I C I C L E art.
Belle transparence!

Existence Artistique on I C I C L E art.

Vaido on The cutest snowy pine in the neighborhood.
Lovely :)

Rick on The cutest snowy pine in the neighborhood.
Yep. Capital T-Tree. Roots that bind the whole spinning miracle that is Earth. She has every right to be proud, even ...

Rick on The cutest snowy pine in the neighborhood.
She is splendid! The Creators have bestowed her with the skeletal integrity and emotional fortitude to withstand her ...

Existence Artistique on The cutest snowy pine in the neighborhood.
intéressante forme

Hiro on The cutest snowy pine in the neighborhood.
nice sculpture !

Existence Artistique on The clean new canvus

Anne on The clean new canvus
So perfect!

Rick on The clean new canvus
Then you ran out into it, made snow angels, danced on it, built a snowman... right? Beautiful pristine blanket here, ...

Rick on Snowy tree 10 points, Joyce zero
The Yeti Goddess of Montana !

Martine Libouton on Snowy tree 10 points, Joyce zero
Hahaha trop chouette ta photo !

Existence Artistique on Snowy tree 10 points, Joyce zero
bien ce cadrage

omid on Snowy tree 10 points, Joyce zero
:)))) Amazing self portrait!

Ralph Jones on fat snow 3.
Beautiful image, well I guess it's time to get used to seeing more images of snow

Elaine Hancock on fat snow 3.
Wow! You got quite a bit of snow! This is beautiful! We didn't get any snow last winter. I am hoping for at least ...

B. Thomas on fat snow 3.
That's a lot of snow and looks like fun. Be careful out there!

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