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Sea Gypsy

Posted by
Joyce (Montana, United States) on 18 September 2011 in People & Portrait and Portfolio.

This is at San Pedro, Southern California, 20 years ago...a re-shot and treated memory. I am compelled to see this image of myself as almost transparent, and vanishing into the image. The sea is my first love. I think of it often up here in the mountains when I hear the wind in the trees.

Thank you for your visit and comments. I so enjoy hearing from you and seeing the world through your lens.

Jani from Sweden

nice capture. :) could use a bit more contrast though ...

18 Sep 2011 6:57am

@Jani: Hello , and thank you for taking the time to visit and comment. I am impressed with your professional images, which some day I may reach in technical ability. I am amused by your post of this very day!, "A beautiful Morning," It is just awash in dominant lovely peachy white light. I would have put more contrast in that one. I tried to comment there, but didn't find a place for comments. My description explains why I washed my image some. Since I am a writer, I sometimes cannot post without description, hard as I try. I zip in there at the last minute and click away, wanting to be more personal I think. With some images, words are not necessary, but it's rare for me. Those I have a lot of confidence in. This blog is my expression, ever shifting and growing. I love the freedom of this community. Again thanks for your input. I just had to write this. :-D

Nathanael from Paris, France

I don't agree with Jani... je trouve justement que la lumière nous transporte immédiatement dans le passé. C'est comme une signature du temps. I like also this sun coming on your face. J'aime bien enfin l'idée de remettre au présent cet instant. A sorte of time machine d'une certaine façon.

18 Sep 2011 9:23am

@Nathanael: J'ai eu ces sentiments très - time machine - et la capture d'une autre dimension presque, parce que cette photo est de 20 ans, et pourtant une image intemporelle de moi manières. C'est un tel lieu de création et d'expression personnelle, cette communauté de blog. Je l'apprécie au-delà des mots. Et votre commentaire aussi.

Don from Spokane, United States

A fine shot and a fascinating idea of vanishing into the image. I like it very much.

18 Sep 2011 12:49pm

@Don: Thanks Don! I really appreciate your eye, well experienced, and wise. I am feeling my age and though not too regretfully, one of my favorite mentors, Eckhart Tolle, said that at the very important and harvesting cycle of elder stage of life we gradually become almost physically transparent, and the Light which is our real form behind the physical, begins to shine through and then poof! :-) I have seen this is many radiant older folks. But also, I love the sea so much that I and saw this image fading into it, as I happily would. Thanks very much for your visits and comments Don.

Twojays from South Central Montana, United States

In case anyone is curious, Nathanael's comment is : "I Do not Agree With Jani ... I just found that the light takes us immediately into the past. It's like a time signature. Also I like this sun is coming your face. I like the idea of ​​finally put this to the present moment. A sort of time machine in some way."

I had those very feelings -- time machine -- and the capturing of another dimension almost, because this photo is 20 years old, yet a timeless image of me in ways. It's such a creative and personal place of expression, this blog community. I appreciate it beyond words. :-D

18 Sep 2011 12:51pm

Calusarus from St Sorlin en Valloire, France

A nice and sunny portrait

18 Sep 2011 2:13pm

@Calusarus: Merci! And thank you for your visit.

Francisco Romero from Carbajal de la Legua, Spain

Delightful mood. Now many software applications try to emulate this old slide "flavors".

18 Sep 2011 6:40pm

@Francisco Romero: Nicely put, thank you Francisco.

Rick from Toronto, Canada

I like this image just the way it is. There are emotional layers and nuances within every photograph that exist beyond contrast and tweaking; the effectiveness of any image is purely subjective as it should be, but when I read the photographer's thoughts and intentions (which I wish more people here would offer up) it of a great help in feeling the picture. This is a slice of your personal history and works wonderfully as such. I can sense your affinity for the sea. Mission very accomplished, Joyce.

18 Sep 2011 7:28pm

@Rick: I savor your comment. I have read it several times, and still soak up another layer of thought to chew on. I agree and wish that other Aminusians would give us more. Some staunchly believe in not, and letting the photo speak. I think those are the people that guard their thoughts and feelings, which I nod respectfully to. This is their stage for expression in imagery. There are the rare photos that words actually dilute. Just like human experience, some so awesome that describing in words (can be a limited medium) dilutes the power. But I am a writer type, as you are, and dare to speak. I am grateful to the top of my eyeballs to be able to express myself here, and get such soul feeding... feedback. See? I blush with stumbling blabber.

Judy aka L@dybug from Brooksville, FL, United States

I like this soft image ... a look back to a younger you by the sea that you love.
I also like the quote of Eckhart Tolle's, "at the very important and harvesting cycle of elder stage of life we gradually become almost physically transparent, and the Light which is our real form behind the physical, begins to shine through and then poof!"
Let our true Light shine through in our photos! ;D

18 Sep 2011 7:36pm

@Judy aka L@dybug: Thank you so much for this lovely comment. So gratifying to know that another soul is stirred as I am. Eckhart posts some amazing teachings. Sure love that one I wrote here. This community is bright, and free, and fun, as well as a stage for letting, as you say, our light shine. I wink at your savvy.

Jason Politte from Conway, AR, United States

Beautiful image Joyce . . . 20 years ago - I still can't believe that was 1991. This image is perfect just the way it is recalling a time gone-by and a bit of your history along with that love of the ocean. You truly have experience the best of both worlds by living in the places that you have. This shot evokes a lot of emotion.

18 Sep 2011 11:18pm

@Jason Politte: Hi Jason! Believe me, 1991 was just the other day. Time is a goofy experience. I just as soon ignore it much as I can. And yes, best of both worlds. I can jump in my car and drive like a bird flies, straight to Oregon I think, or Washington, and stand on the shore, with cold toes, ...but this is pretty arresting surroundings up here. I am so enjoying the kind and moving comments this image stimulated. Thanks always, Bro.

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

This shot is perfect, Joyce - title and all. It's so YOU. I'm sure you do miss the sea after living near it, but you are in such a beautiful area now. I have never lived near the mountains or the ocean, but love them both. Maybe that is what makes them so special when I do get to visit them. As Jason says - hard to believe 1991 was 20 years ago. Where does the time go?

18 Sep 2011 11:48pm

@B. Thomas: Thanks Barbara!! So glad it came across as more than just a washed out self portrait. Rather cheeky of me to post a self shot, but I really feel the image is just feminine, almost classic, and what all I said, and then,...what the heck. This is our life here. Dare to express it. :-D Thanks so much for your friendship and visit both in the real world and here in this subtle one.

Susan from Sausalito, United States

This is awash with light and too, there seems to me a bit of fading with time. So appropriate as the past becomes an illusion and we still live in 3D. Just love the feel of this. Whatever is a southern california girl doing in Montana?

19 Sep 2011 4:29pm

@Susan: The original was bright with sunset actually, and a common scene, but I am so far from the sea and it's pungent tangible energy, that I made this image light-filled and me diminishing in it, on purpose. I miss the coast a lot, like a past lover. I came up here following a newage organization and then felt I belonged here. That's the truth.

Tim from Ft. Worth, United States

this is also a very calm portrait! very serene and quiet, in a way. so, like you have TWO of my favorite authors. i've shared my love for michener. now, i find, through your musings that you like e. tolle, too! wow, he is my all-time favorite author. long story there, but suffice it to say that i've read all his stuff (many, many times) and have a lot on audio and listen to him constantly. another way we are connected :) be present, eh?

19 Sep 2011 7:56pm

@Tim: Hi Tim! I'm pretty grounded and at home on the seashore. Nice that it shows. Hey, that's fun that you are an E. T. student. I listen to his tapes over and over too! I have 18 I think. He is the man, if you ask me, although I enjoy the teachings of a number of good mentors. It is a delight to learn we share the path.

Monik from PARIS, France

Un trait beau portrait empreint d'une certaine nostalgie. J'adore aussi la mer, elle me manque beaucoup quand je m'en éloigne, malheureusement j'habite à Paris...
Bonne journée, Joyce!

20 Sep 2011 7:40am

@Monik: Heureuse présent appel à vous aussi. Paris serait un tel endroit fabuleux à vivre. Comme Montana est de ne pas être rejetée non plus. Pourtant, mon cœur appartient à la mer. Je suis sûr que vous savez le sentiment.

Julie L. Brown from Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

A very interesting discussion from previous commenters. It all serves to make one keep looking, and contemplating. To me, you look peaceful, as you gaze into the light.

20 Sep 2011 11:19pm

karla from Omaha, United States

I like the contemplative mood, the looking into distance. There is nothing like wandering the beach next to an unending sea. And I do appreciate the faded look giving that sense of time. Memory does the same--- details gradually diminish, leaving form and color (or maybe not) in broader strokes that bring back experiences from long ago.

9 Oct 2011 5:14am