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Happy Bok Choy!
Do I really live here?
The Guard in Autumn Fall Guy...or
A perfect lushness of Indian Summer 2
Autumn Cloud Party
Season of the Long Shadows
Blessed by the Sun
home sweet home
Riverside Tree Fall Reflection
Beavers Again Three in a row, or 4?
Beaver Dam Class #1
Onion Buddies
Looking Through Healing Lens
The Beloved Path through the Woods
Lofty Rockies
Pine  Creek
Nature Bath
More Tree fall
The Fallen
Pine Creek up Close and Personal
Furry Moving Rocks with Tails!
Pine Creek #3   Big Foot With Goose
Pine Creek #2     Bigfoot sighting
Pine Creek #1   One Happy Little Dog
And The Third little Shizoo Stayed Home
Fire smoke from the West
The Sun is Square I Swear!
Zoom Scene
Just a Tree with Bald Issue
A really cool steep crooked climbing jack fence.
The Vision For Us
The Cute Little Girl Who Loves Bentley
Lucky the Jolly Giant
Portrait of a Bored Little Puppy
People Watching at Bozeman street Market
Great little, Great Great Nephew & me in stripes.
Naked Palm Tree Waves Over Sis & her grandson
Palm Tree With Pants
Palm with Pants Plus People on Patio
L.A. palm tree buddies
Seascape Southern Calif. Beach
The Seawoman Returns