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Close to The Queen
The Last Best Iris
I love the Dawn
Creekside Summer Office
Valley Ranch Land
Look at that!!
Magic Valley
Hope, and make it a double please.
Leading Edge
Too Lush and Lovely
The Big Sky...2
Pond Perfect
The Big Sky...
Green Gratitude.
Chewie look up!
Chewie Portait Practice
Tree Portal
Carrot Juice Runoff Dream
Fresh Juiced Carrots and Sunshine
Twilight Spring with the Local Mule Deer
"I'm not done yet"
Spring rain Sky with Cottonwood Veil
Those sun catching cottonwoods
The Eyes of Fridley Creek
Mount Cranky
Photo Art Fun
Fridley Creek Cottonwoods
Grape and Tangerine Sky
Mud Glorious Mud!!!
Buddha of the Pure White Snow 2
Buddha of the Pure White Snow
Kuan Yin Up close
Kuan Yin
Prayer Flags
Snowy Creek 2
Snowy Creek 1
I love Water
Pretty Orange Plow
Suncatcher Tree
Snowshine 2 Reclining Nude